Noon All Day

At Noon All Day, a relaxed restaurant and café in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, refined materials come together with playful details to create a space that allows for both a quick and casual afternoon pick-me-up as well as more laid-back, long lunches. Tile flooring traces a zig-zag black-and-white pattern across the entire space, marking a lively rhythm that reflects the activity on the surrounding streets. Overhead, thin strips of warm wood barely spaced apart set a slower pace and make a drop-ceiling from which Edison-bulb pendants hang, following the perimeter of the service counter.

The space of the restaurant unfolds around this central counter, finished with wide planks of white oak. The surrounding seating extends into the space perpendicularly from the glass storefront that allows natural light to sweep in. While tile and wood line most of the space, a few surfaces finished in marble — the pastry display counter, a bussing station in the back of the space — add a refined yet textured coolness to the almost eclectic material palette.